12:20AM 09.12.09

OK OK so 12:20am on a Saturday...what are 80% of 23-year-olds doing? How much do ya wanna bet that they're not married, just getting over rushing home to let their dog out and blogging? Although I don't have much, I'll put everything I have down on the fact that I, just getting home and sitting here alone w/ Mini (blogging...) am one of the few. So shoot me....:-P

Andy and I have been talking a lot about where we want to live....in a semi- perminate fashion that is. SO, instead of talking myself in circles here on my sweet lil' blog about the pluses and minuses of living within or out side of the city (i'm leaning towards within...currently)...I'm going to do something more fun (at least for me) and pretend I have just moved into a small condo in Seattle (hooray!) and need some space saving solutions...

Here are  just a few, late night, fun, small space, storage related-type household "things/ideas" I love:

Besides the fact that I'm a freaky organizing queen (FOQ) and this is just awesome...it is perfection for small spaces:) The container Store

Wall mounted computer desk (never again would my laptop sit, against my mother's advice, on my couch!) ikea

Perfect for the Doggie owner who is too cheap (and green...ish) to use anything but left over grocery bags to scoop poop! Simple Human 

Near ceiling height shelving that provides stylish storage (circa forever ago in Nana Lucy's house!) 

Love an organized closet...thank you SpaceSavers.com

The Container Store has outdone itself again! 

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