More Wedding Shots-WHY? Because i can:)

Love the decor shot! Everybody clap yo hands...clapclapclapclap clapclapclapclap

Dance Dance get it get it!

The man, gettin' it done...

Michael Fisk Photography printed photos AT the reception for guests! Here are Lis and I checkin' some out!

Soph putting in my veil 

Dancing Machine sans sleeves as promised via phone convo with the bride a few weeks prior...ha!

Dancin' with my daddio...I cried the entire time!

My Bouquet! It was simply amazing! and only weighed like 80 pounds:)

My SPU bestie! What a gift it was to have the very best of my friends there to celebrate one of the biggest moments in my life!

Endless circles.

Stress? No way, the fun is just starting!:)

Our one bite...

Almost 100 degrees, a day ahead of us, a photo shoot just beginning and a smile on our faces!

Receiving our charge from Pastor Rick Murray

Happy KT!

One of my favorite shot of the crowd! Almost everyone can be seen!

Just one kiss and a pair or green shoes....

Dance boys!

Aunty perfecting the hair

New life.

First dance

Soph getting beautiful, as if it's tough or something:)

excitement! Tracy was coming in with my gift from Andy!

Load me in! Not the easiest of tasks!

Makeup by Lisa Wolverton


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