We Don't Even HAVE a Plant!!

Andy and I are progressing. Our relationship, that is, grows...daily. We discuss, we argue, we have fun, enjoy one another, see eye to eye....and not. I feel like I could never know anything new about Andy, and then he wakes up and does something I've never seen him do in the 3+ years I've known him....and I'm surprised all over again. 

Like some days Andy, being the early riser  gets up and quite frankly doesn't worry much about waking anyone, eh hem, up (ok ok, not always...just sometimes?). Unlike my unemployed-self who likes to sleep in Andy gets up around 5-6AM. This is not to say he doesn't love a Saturday morning sleep in like the best of us...he just also works...quite the concept. Although Mini and I have gotten used to this over a short period of time, all of a sudden things will change.....lately I haven't heard the alarm go off. I wake up and it's 7AM...not 5! Does he catch it before it reaches it's time, is his phone on vibrate? Who knows! And this morning, he actually shut the bedroom door before turning on the lights in the rest of the apartment and ironing his clothes. 

Now, now...Andy is an exceptionally considerate man...keyword "man." Sometimes, men just don't notice the little things (DUH moment?), like light breaking into the quiet, dark, bedroom where one, eh hem, still lays sleeping, jolting them awake hours before they plan on rising (keep in mind that I come to bed after him, and do pretty much the same thing but in a more considerate womanly "pay attention to the details" manner...at around 11 or 1130pm). He will go in and out of these phases I've noticed....kind door shutting (or not) phases. Ah the joys of learning one another. 

Although men are a special breed...it's not to say women don't have their weird things either. I have become in such control of my space over the past year + of not living with multiple roommates that I have actually LOST IT! Example: the other day I asked Andy to wipe down the stove....and then I anxiously watched him, craning my head over his shoulder to get an adequate view. This of course flipped his "lost it" switch and he...kindly-ish....said something like, "I'm not a child, you don't have to watch my every move...." Then I had a light bulb moment, "oh no, I'm a weird dog person, a weird clean person and now I'm a control freak...my poor future children!"

So what...you get married,  you rent, you wish you could get a home of your own, you get a plant, if it lives you get a dog (I lived out this portion backwards apparently), maybe if the plant lives you get a fish? or a bird? Perhaps a dog was too big of a big step? If you're like me, you graduate (late) you get married (early) and then you search....for a job. Follow
your daily search you wish, for a house. You mainly wish for a house due to the fact that all of your "married" friends own beautiful homes or condos. Then you wish for a place b/c everywhere you look (and of course you=kirty...I look in all the special places) you see house related things...that you love! You watch Divine Design, Property Virgins, wish you could follow around Jeff Lewis from  BRAVO's Flipping Out, and then there are the blogs and the websites (stupid thenest.com and youpaidmorethanme.blogspot.com)

I'm a slave to homeowner shows and online propaganda....

Then there are decisions to make (wait... how are we really even thinking about this?). The city? What city? What neighborhood? Outside the city? We could maybe actually get a house, with a YARD (for the early, backwards dog--of course) if we live outside the city! WAIT...I don't even have a flipping JOB!! We totally missed the plant step...we don't even have a plant!

OH, but that $8000 dollar tax break sounds so lovely...HEY! This is our contribution to boosting the economy...right? With 8 grand we could pay off some debt, slowly furnish parts of a small home, and I COULD LEARN TO NEST!!! But is it necessary to accumulate debt just so we can get some cash to pay off other debt? Of course not...but it's a bit fun, no? Spend and gain...and spend some more (Oh NO! the nester in me is showing!! Look away!). 

AGH! I need a JOB! 

It's fun isn't it? To grow? To dream? To watch your dreams become your reality....or pretend they may become reality. To become lost in trying to figure out what you want to do with your life, your career, to ponder what the world has for you. To watch yourself become someone new, to think about the possibilities ahead. First step...actually get a job (brilliant!). Next step, begin to believe your husband when he says he wants to buy a house....even when his wife is 23 and unemployed. Third step, take it one breath at a time. Ahhh, that feels good. 

So, raise your glasses folks, here is to surprises and learning one another. 


  1. ahhh...why does this entry sound like the diary of a madwoman?? teehee :)

  2. why you ask Jenn....because it is the diary entry of a madwoman!:)