Good Music Comes Early

So I've screwed up royally when it comes to "GOOD MUSIC FRIDAYS!" I want to apologize to the few who actually take the time to read this simple little blog of mine ( AND THANK YOU!) So...feeling in the spirit of fall, which in Seattle means lots of indoor time....or in my now employed life (more to come on this note later) lots of bus time, good music (and a strong inventory of scrubs DVDs, good movies and a fine selection of wine-of course) is a necessity.

 My friend Justin Klump is always on my good music list. I so believe in this kid it is sickening sometimes:) This past Saturday we went to one of his shows. Between Andy and I, we attempt not to miss any that come to the area and we are never disappointed (unless Justin has to drive home that same night which means vancouver:) This last Saturday a great band comprised of good looking folks with surprisingly soulful voices followed Justin's run and I was super pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed their tunes, enough that I purchased one of their Albums (best 5 bucks I've spent in quite a while). I have had little luck finding adequate live version of their music, but here is the best youtube could provide me with.....enjoy RUBY HILL.

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