Fun Stuff in the last little bit

For some reason....no one at work knows that well, I know a LOT about food...food related things and well...eating. I get explained many, many things at work regarding food and I think to myself "what do this people think I do on a daily basis that leaves them feeling the need to tell me things like this? hum?" Most of my thought are just curious. Most of my answers mainly rest on the fact that I get nervous to get in the way and thus stumble around the kitchen a bit:). I tell them that I PROMISE I am graceful and capable in my own kitchen...I just don't know how everything maneuvers down in the "master kitchen." 

ANYWAY, one night I took pics of some stir-fry I made for dinner for the husband and I. The food looked pretty with all it's colors and yes, I know stir-fry is not the most difficult dish to create but it at least proves I can chop things! I've been told, "you probably hold a knife like a house-wife" which, well frankly I have no idea what that is supposed to mean but at least I can hold a knife right?! ha...

Furthermore, I've been having a semi-hard time at work. After one super busy, bad, long day at work Andy and I went out to sushi and I saw these....2 of my favorite things in one:

CANDY AND TEXTILES (i.e. retail....ok clothes:)

ALSO, my Nana Lucy, who most of you know as ridiculous talent in a kick-arse grandma, had a trunk show and let me take some photos (for a project Lis is working on) of her stuff:


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