Holy Cow. It's been too long! As I sit here at work, with no new residents and my small staff trucking away at their morning duties I find myself with nothing to do. Thus, I blog. As I haven't been able to keep most of my family up to date on the happenings in Andy and I's life...here are some recents:
  • I have taken on the role here at Skyline as Diet Tech and although I'm loving it, soon things (as they always, always, always do) will change. A new Diet Tech will come in (for reasons unknown) and a new dietitian as well. We're opening another dining room as our Assisted Living floors are beginning to fill, yet we are not allowed to hire more staff for budget reasons...making things stressful and exhausting. OTHERWISE, the many things you all have heard about work-have NOT changed.
  • Andy and I are diligently searching for a home. A few weeks ago we made our first offer-which was swiftly shot down as a more powerful offer came in. STORY OF OUR LIVES! Yesterday...JUST YESTERDAY (!!) I went to see a home in Magnolia. Andy, of course was out of town as I walked the rooms examining the closets and doors with Kirsten, or agent. I feel in love with it (minus the exact street it was on...but one has to make compromises right?) and my mind began to race! Again, a house we could live in and make our own-how exciting! I called Andy around 4 and spoke with him about the positives and negatives. I went home and received a call a mere 2 hours later from Andy who informed me that the house had ALREADY BEEN TAKEN-again, story of our lives.:(
  • Andy and I recently celebrated Noah and Lindsay's birthdays-separately as Lind's celebration was a girls day:). Lindsay was due on the 11th and is waiting for the birth of her sweet baby boy! AGH! we're all so excited. Back during the wedding lindsay was just 11 weeks along...my how time flies!
  • Andy and I are going to Las Vegas to celebrate our birthdays as they land just a week apart. He will be there for work so, I'm going to meet him down there for the weekend. Just relax, eat, shop, hang out. It should be fun!
  • Noah and Kim, Mark and Kim and Andy and I are goign to Mexico in June. The Olivers (Mark and Kim) are living in Romania and coming home for vacation this summer. We thought we'd take advantage of their presence and go on a trip! So fun!
  • The day after we get back Justin and Yvonne get married...what a great celebration of their journey! I can hardly beleive it!

Thats about it for now. Back to work.

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