Aimee and Des

Below is the speech my new cousin-in-law wrote for he and my cousin, Aimee's wedding this past Saturday. I have to admit it...I cried though reading most of it...SURPRISE! Many of you who don't know Aimee and Des may read this and think it's just another cute wedding speech-but you are wrong:) FYI.

Today is a day that I never expected to happen, because honestly, I never thought that there was anyone in this world that I could see myself with for the rest of my life, but that all changed when I met Aimee.

From the early days of our relationship, there was something irresistibly incredible about her that I just couldn't ignore. We clicked so well right from the start, that it was almost like we were the same person split into two bodies.

As time went by, I realized that we are a beautifully matched pair, and as of today, we are no longer split in two.

With us, there are no jagged edges and no almost-fits. We mesh perfectly, and always have since the beginning. We're always laughing together, and we always seem to find adventures big and small. She makes life better, and enjoyable - just like it should be.

To have someone as remarkable as Aimee in my life is a priceless treasure in itself, but wait - there's more! A person of this caliber doesn't just happen. It takes a tremendously loving and caring family, and Aimee certainly has considerable wealth in that department. Her family are some of the most caring, loving, giving, and just all around fun people that I have ever met. There's just so much goodness in their hearts, that when you get them all together, they glow. And, if you turn your head just right, you can almost actually see it. I believe Aimee and her family to be magical in every sense of the word. They have welcomed me and my family into their hearts without hesitation, and for this I am deeply grateful.

Aimee is truly and unmistakably my best friend, and always will be. Today, we embark on our greatest adventure by becoming husband and wife.

My feelings today are so overwhelming, that it's hard to concentrate on much else. I'm not nervous, or getting cold feet, or anything of that nature. My feelings are those of amazement and immense joy. They're not like anything I've experienced before.

Imagine being the first person to see Earth from the window of an orbiting space craft. If you can imagine that feeling, and that sense of "WOW", then you almost know how I feel today.

I believe that Aimee and I have something that so many people spend their lives looking for, and something that only a rare few actually find. To call ourselves lucky would be an understatement of the deepest measure, because with us, it's just so easy. So easy to laugh, so easy to love, and so easy to always be there for each other.

They say that marriage is hard work - that it's compromise and sacrifice, but I think "they" are confused.

Life is full of compromise and great sacrifice, so it's life that is hard work.

Marriage is love, and love is easy.

Here's to Aimee and Des!

Peace and Love,


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