Pretty Things...on sale:)

So, I love this idea...hanging trays? CA-UTE! Pottery Barn does some things so RIGHT! This is one of them. HOWEVER, this tray (ON SALE MIND YOU) is still $70! I mean...it's down from $90...but still...this really isn't $70 worth of cute...enter idea (lightbulb!!!!)-HOW EASY WOULD THESE BE TO MAKE? I'm on it....;)

JUST realized that $70 price tag is for two...hummmmm

Hello Summer?...where are you? Perhaps you'll never REALLY come around in 2010-so Restoration Hardware as decided to put these beautfiul beach towels on sale...

$19 down from $38 (plus an extra %10-Killin' me softly RH!!)

These pillows are BEAUTI-FUL...I mean really. Restoration hardware does it's job well...in many ways. OH! and PS: these are 50% off (plus take an extra 10%) right now...greens, lavender, yellow, red, navy, mocha, and my curret fave-dusy blue/gray:)


Happy Tuesday People,
Peace and Love,

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