Welcome Home, Adam:)

Today a dear friend comes home from a year spent overseas serving our country. Adam Smith comes home today, people!!!!! CELEBRATE! His wife, Lindsay, is a great example of faith, hope, and strength. Adam left the day of my bachelorette party last year (7/11/09) so the day is easy for me to remember. She was struggling with accepting all she had been handed right as Andy and I got married and I have this clear vision of Lindsay during our wedding weekend just about a year ago in Yakima. Long story short, right before Adam left, they found out they were pregnant. In the year he's been gone, Lindsay has been a pregnant wife and a single parent. Embodying the definitions of a Solider and an "Army Wife," their lives have been forever changed. Adam made it home for the last small handful of hours of Lindsay's (correct me if I am wrong) 26+ hours of labor just in time to welcome his son into this world-an unheard of story that when Lindsay was told to write a book about said, "no one will ever believe it." Adam witnessed baby Logan's first two weeks or so of life and then had to go back to work. He spent the past 5-ish months learning about his son through FB photos and telephone convos. Tonight he gets to hold his wife and son, and I couldn't be happier for him and for his safe arrival home. Praise God.

Peace and Love,


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