3 day weekend

Good, solid 3-day weekend this last weekend left me exhausted, excited, anxious, and a wee bit sore.....

Although we got a TON done on the homestead this weekend, (enter re-staining grout in shower-long story-sanding bathroom walls for the second time...sigh....laying tile floors in bathroom and grouting tile floors with dark grout=harder than appears.....) we have a JAM packed weekend this upcoming weekend which leaves me a tad stressed out.

Positives to "jam packed weekend" are as follows:
  • 1st actual camping experience with husband. Not exceptionally excited as I'm not much of a camper, however good friends will make this over nighter fun-I'm sure:)
  • Good friends....this group is especially awesome.
  • Friday celebration-time old school style...photos to come.
  • Monday is a holiday-so Andy gets the day off from work which=finish bathroom yippy!
  • New sleeping bags...a seriously needed purchase on the dhouse side of things:)

Negatives to "jam packed weekend" are:

  • Andy's gone this week again...plus a full weekend=no time to work on house=another week of Kirty with no working bathroom...grr.
  • no sleeping in on Sunday...as the sun will likely wake me up ummm sayyy 5am.
  • no where for Mini to stay...bring her camping? maybe however then that=dog babysitting on leash all day for me.

all in all the positives outweigh the negatives:) we're bound to have a good time and I may even be able to take a half day on Monday to work on the house with Andy (holiday weekend and all). Should prove to be an adventure. Happy Monday people.

Peace and Love,


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