Fabulous finds! I search craigslist almost daily...usually buying nothing, I search for a slew of random things I don't need:) Sometimes I share...here are some of my morning finds!

Somebody save this homeless rug! ASAP-just $60!

Personally-I die for a good wingback chair. No room in my home for something so exquisite, however with a little care-these could be beautiful. I can't tell from the pic what sort of upholstery fabric these chars have, however-if it's a silvery/light blue velvet-it would actually be gorgeous (of course not in my house, can't do the velvet;). $50 each.

I think this CHAIR could be awesome. Seat leather isn't ideal (a different patterned upholstery would be rockin') however it's not horrible by any means! $65-I'd talk it down but not a bad price.

WORST picture ever....however, this bench looks like it's in superior condition, good quality, throw a long seat-pad and some pillows and you'd have a great entryway bench-I dig it. $40.

Club Chairs $40 for the pair...someone PLEASE buy these!

Black Dresser-nothing special here but could be dolled up and really made beautiful. In general seems like a good starter piece for a guest bedroom...especially for $40! They claim it's good quality..I'm skeptical due to the price tag however-one will never know without checking it out!

Remington typewriter- $45! Cool old piece great for decor or hey...it's apparently 110%usable...so that's that:)

Peace and love,


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