So, Finn...well he's special. I've given a great deal of thought to getting a new puppy. I've wanted a new puppy. Mini needed a sibling. HOWEVER-Finn is a toddler.... he's not a new born. I had tons of help with Mini but I was able to form her from the beginning. No one told Finn within his first 3 months of life that licking my face and stepping ALL OVER ME AT 5AM is simply unacceptable. I've missed 3 months of puppy training-beat-down and I'm feeling the pain.

Granted, Finn behaves superbly around groups of people. May it be because he's totally overwhelmed and finds that laying on the door mat is his best option for activity or may it be because he realizes that his mom does not want to be embarrassed by constant face licking and vertical jumps-who knows-but one way or the other, I'm pleased with him when people are around. Comments about how much, "I want Finn!" make me beam with proud-mother-ness.

Then....on the other hand, there is the Finn that YELPS as if he's being beaten when he comes out of the crate first thing when I get home. Like he just CANNOT believe someone is finally home, "YAY (YELP!), YAY (YELP!), YAY (YELP) YAYAYAYAYAYYAYAYAYAYA (YELP, YELP, BARK BARK BARK, YELP)" well, you get the picture. I've been trying to break him of this habit, as I'm sure the neighbors 5 houses down can hear his racket, however...I never had his first 3 months of life to teach him that that's simply not OK...and so he YELPS and WHINES and BARKS!

On the other hand, again, the other, other hand if you will-Finn stays right by you, always. You go outside, he stays right with you-it is awesome. My personal thoughts lie in the realm of "NEVER LEAVE ME MOM! NEVER!!!" which is a good thing...but has it's faults, "go outside alone? not unless Mini does!" or "you're going to work? Well, you're taking me right?!?" This-gets-old.

Again, back on the other hand, Finn, who slept through all of the nights of his first week at the Dahlhauser House, has decided that a 230am wake up-call is a good idea. Then again, at 5 when he demands to go outside, and even sometimes to be walked-I hate him. This a struggle as Andy and I need...and well frankly, like...to sleep. Considering we wake up around 5-540am, every minute is important. We're trying to teach Finn that he sleeps in his dog-bed on the floor next to us. However, this has proven to be extremely difficult as Finn sees not only Mini on the bed but ALSO, now...Baxter (the cat!). I think he just feels left out. HOWEVER (again), jumping on my bed and onto my face at 230am is simply a no-go. Neither is having a small dog, a big dog, a medium sized cat and two human bodies in a queen bed. NO.

All and all I knew what I was signing up for. Puppies are not easy. Finn has only had a small handful of accidents in the house, he is not a picky eater, does not chew up everythig in sight, already knows how to sit, and quickly learned his name-he is a good dog. But reminder: he is Andy's dog...

Peace and love,


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