This weekend was trying.....KIDDING it was actually awesome. Thanks to many, many friends who helped to literally make a huge scary mess of my home....we now= -1 kitchen, -2 walls, +allllll sorts of mud in the back yard, -lots of cement, + 2 very large rats, -2 very large rats, -all sorts of junk in my garage, +very empty and clean garage, +lots of dust!

Below is a pic- just via my mobile. More to come!

Additionally, my AWESOME brother-in-law is coming to WA THIS WEEKEND to help frame out:
  • new kitchen walls
  • new kitchen floor
  • laundry closet

and put in 2 beams (where supporting walls now no longer exist). I'm sure there will be handful of other small tasks he will assist with, however this is EXTREMELY exciting as it means things are actually happening!!!

Andy and I took a trip to Ikea last week to check out the computer software they use to design kitchens. We're thinking we'll get our kitchen cabinets from Ikea due to cost and availability. We thought about putting nicer cabinet faces on Ikea boxes, however we just don't know if it's worth the cost in our house. After all, this is not our forever house and we don't want to sell our first born to pay off cabinets;)

We got a good feeling of what our (limited) space will look like and it really was a load lifted off our shoulders. IN FACT there was a sample kitchen there that was a foot or two larger than our space, however mimicked our layout almost exactly! Don't let the table in the middle or the actual colors of the kitchen sway you however, ours will be a bit different! I do love the green on the walls tho;)

ALSO, as I am always looking for design inspiration, our neighborhood (or one of the 2;) Starbucks just remodeled and added THE MOST BEAUTIFUL subway tile. It's "pillowed" if you will and just has ENOUGH twist on the classic subway tile to make it unique. Andy is not fully sold on subway tile as our back splash. "Too much white" he says. However....I think you can't go wrong!

More to come shorlty my loverlies!

Peace and Love,


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