I wanted something basic (now...that I apparently went TOO bold) and he picked great creamy, tanny, brownish sades for our bedroom, a darker for the guest and a lighter for our room. They were calming, airy, light, relaxing...just what i wanted FOR OUR LIVING ROOM!!!!!!

The first...chosen... living room color...a beautiful teal-esq color was too much for our extremely small space. The color weighed down the room. The originally butter cream (and thus beautiful, light, calming and airy space) paint which we hated, was topped by the new color which made it seem so...well, bleh. Everyone kept telling me to wait and see what It looked like with everything in the room...but that was just silliness...why would I want to paint around all of my belongings...the color was simply TOO dark and that was it. THUS, I resorted back to my paint master and let him do the picking.

After some minor stress (on my behalf of course) Andy, the paint master, picked out a light, white/blue for our living room...a little too Easter egg for me...but something that will be beautiful in the end and go with much more than the original heavy, dark, yet pretty teal. No I'm still not sure about it. No I'm not going to paint over it:) AGAIN.  See below for some similar colors:

 For the dining and kitchen, Andy picked out a gray/brown....a beautiful color with a hint of khaki green...a color that I'd put in my FREAKING LIVING ROOM and be rather happy with it...if the color wasn't so close to the couch color.

The whole problem is that our wonderful couch which we love so much (thanks to all the wonderful folks who gifted us with it for our wedding) as it's exceptionally comfy, yet cute, goes with anything and is huge enough to fit like 7 people at once...is-it's very gray/brown. Frankly I have a problem...my problem is I want my whole house gray/brown/blue-ish. If i did this, my couch would fade right into the walls...enter paint problem. Don't get me wrong...although my couch is pretty huge for my small living room and has handicapped me from being able to pick out decent paint colors..i love it.  I won't part with it...even if it means putting it in the back house..I want it in my house. I take naps on it like...all the time. Upwards of 2 people can sleep on it...it's just comfy...HOWEVER...it's a fade into the background color and that proves to be difficult.

SO, the paint issue continues....perhaps there will be no solution. After re-priming and re-painting the paint master says I have to at least try it out for 6th months...we'll see:) Until next time.
 Peace and Love,


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