this week.

Today is an awkwardly emotional day. Thinking that the stress and exhaustion from the house work and other related tasks has turned me into a 13 y/o PMSing teen again. My week has included:
  • hitting a cement pole in my parking garage...popping my tire.
  • crying b/c of the above mentioned
  • yelling at my husband for no apparent reason
  • riding a flat bed cart at Public Storage at 9pm while moving massively heavy (for me) couches, beds, tables and things of the like
  • thinking and talking constantly about all house and non-house related to-dos, then becoming increasingly stressed out b/c of said to-dos
  • missing two shows I really wanted to see at neumos...with good friends:(
  • growing an increasingly embarrassing school girl obsession (megan baer...you know what I'm talking about)
  • camping out in my living room 2 nights in a row...with 2 dogs, a cat and no where else for said animals to sleep...except right by my face!
  • moving....
  • falling asleep at work...on accident
  • crying b/c another friend of mine is getting married (Kristie Ladner!!) and her bridal shower is this weekend...emotional confusion! Crying happy tears...but why...tears? unknown:)
  • actually realizing that my only two siblings  are NOW living out of WA state...#1 i always thought I'd be the one to live out of state if anyone and #2...that's just not ok...too far. missing my family
  • constant messes due to strange men in my house working on drywall and texturing...why don't they care what messes they're making!!!!!
  • lots of bruises
  • sore fore-arms=awkward typing
  • feeling like I need more excitement-hot air balloon ride? jumping out of a plane? finishing house? awesome
  • only washing my hair once...this week...how did that happen?!??! g-ross.
  • speaking of hair -development of desire to chop hair...chop chippity chop
mental exhaustion, lack of blogging,

peace and stuff,


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