Is it too early to start thinking about the year 2011 and what I want to do/be/see/etc? To be honest I don't care one way or the other...here are some of my "goals" and as a side note:

I feel so silly being married...i haven't until recently but it's so strange to me that i think to myself,  "i have to share these goals with andy and make sure he's on the same page..." I suppose it's a good thing, unity and all, however sometimes i feel like i'm losing myself in a "we" status....strange.

  1. finish house
  2. become more fun as house is finished and i no longer have extreme responsibility (i.e. finish bathroom or you'll never take a poo in your own house again...sigh. glad we're over THAT.)
  3. thailand with kelsey...don't care what she says, i'm forcing her.
  4. actually work-out. i'm not talking my "dog-walking" "working on house" type of working out-yoga, pilates, zumba, etc.
  5. must MUST find home church...church hopping is strange. i'm over it.
more to come,
peace and love,


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