Each morning, I leave my office lights off. To be honest, Megan my diet tech/friend/office partner at work would rather have the natural light (or lack there of here in Seattle) than that classic fluorescent office light (yuck!). In the wee hours of the morning, or 630-7am, the sky is dark. Currently I see only a little bit of the daylight while working all day-short daylight-winter.

I have my cup of coffee, and my usual low-key, calming tunes on Pandora and I sit, and enjoy the silent hustle and bustle of the world below me. Granted my office is only on the 7th floor of my building, but there is a peacefulness around and about this time. When it's just light enough so that I can still see what i'm doing, but feel relaxed in my small, dark cave-I sit, and watch the sun rise. Megan doesn't come in until 930am-ish-the sun is up, my stolen quiet time is over-but is valued.

I'll go to my kitchens, be-bop around and check on my staff-they're always fine. Only on Monday's is there ever a problem-an issue to be resolved. Otherwise I can sit and sip my coffee, hum along to my tunes, and watch the pink clouds develop. Enjoy the extremely quick movement of the mid morning overcast that hangs low, and watch what I call "sun" here in Seattle-as she shows her face just for a moment and brightens up the day. If I'm lucky enough-I'll be able to watch a plane soar through the low-set mid afternoon clouds towards sea-tac-imagining where they're coming from. I'll watch the people, beginning their days-quickly walking to avoid the chill-my day started 3 hours ago.

Then a siren blares by-harborview among a handful of other hospitals are close by. Steam covers my window from the laundry room  located directly below me, one floor down. A bus struggles to make the tight turn down Cherry and some young construction workers take a smoke break on the corner below my building-then I remember there are things to do....

Until tomorrow morning..

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