Epic Shopping Fail

I think I've touched base on missing out on a good deal in the past. Those of you who know me...know I'll I live to do in my Shopping Life is to find a good deal. So much that often I buy things SIMPLY because they are on sale...especially if it's an amazing find and something of course...that i do not need. Luckily (for my husband really) I have slowly weened myself from this horrible habit (hello purse collection circa 2005!) and have not only purged (some items i regret, especially in owning a home now!) but AND HERE'S THE KICKER-simply avoided buying to begin with...yay me...or something.

HOWEVER, sometimes...ever so often...even ANDY regrets a purchase I fail to make. For example
THIS oxo storage set. I registered for it and never got it. I have since picked up a handful of their food-storage bins via target, C&B, etc., however not much. I love them, find them easy to use and simply great-so tight that seal is-me oh my (enter product rave) and y'all know how freaky in love I am with puzzle piece organization....pastas in air-tight little clear boxes? Dog treats not floating around? stackable storage for candy, marshmallows, nuts, crackers, cereal? O...OMG!

Anyway...I found it once...for $39 at Target! Usually at $110-$120 I almost passed out. Sadly...this was one of those moments when I was attempting to be purchase conscious...and impress Andy with my self control. Of course I told him about it when I returned home from my trip to the Tar-ghetto and he said, "oh i like those! you should have bought it!" Kicking self

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