am i boring?

likely. i don't do much. i talk about nonsense on dis here blog. i want to spend the night away for my 25th birthday (instead of the traditional eat cake and get trashed number...i guess?)....no dogs...no house...no cat...no to-dos...just sleep, eat, relax+husband:)

so here we go again. house talk. boring house talk. maybe i'm significantly unoriginal. maybe i'm just thinking of resale and the fact that yes i like unique things but that's simply what i'll fill my house with (vs including these unique things in the actual permanent design of the house). blah blah and more blah.

this morning on diary of lovely (a lovely blogski i follow-pun intended) i found this here kitchen. or...as one would opt to say...the dhouse kitchen's tiwn:) it has a slew of the same elements as our kitchen either already has or will in the near future...a space saver microwave, open shelving (we'll have a very minimal amount), stainless steel, butcher board, schoolhouse lighting, apron sink, industrial pull-down faucet, generally speaking small space...even the glass containers that provide home for sugar, flour and such --we have (thank you ikea and target...serious tho)--however i not only keep flour and sugar in these here glass babies...but dog treats and food (heh).

one thing i'll avoid...tid bit too much clutter for this girl:) but what can you do with limited space....now to get a bright green tea pot...

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