date night

one of my many goals for 2011 is to have solid, real-time date nights. usually...our "date nights" consist of our usual pub and a movie or TV. since andy is working in the mornings at the agency on saturdays, we keep it low key. however-my goal is to make our time more intentional...that may include food, drinks, a movie or what have you, but we're trying to make sure to spend time together since our time together is short, and precious. we have have have to spend some time where we can talk about life, us, work, etc. just one-on-one...which we never get. this past weekend, friday, we walked around downtown, had some dinn, and then went to the good ole' hole in the wall the nickerson street salon for some drinks.

shots and pbr (not good, yet great all at once)

the gum wall
then on saturday we decided to keep the weekend of fun going. considering sunday was superbowl sunday (we had plans to go to the smith home for the game and grub) we knew the weekend would be a great one. we got a new bed for our guest room (as stated in an earlier post) which i'm thinking i'll eventually paint, or sand and stain then, while andy napped i made a trip to target. target is always a good time for me. target was followed by andy making dinner (no really) and then out to bel mar we went...for more drinks and dancing.

bel mar is a great time, aside of the heavy male population, occasional popped collars and general snob-hobbery service-it was the closest place to our homestead where i knew i could get my dance on:). needless to say the night was great, but ended quickly!

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