full of GLEE

ok ok, don't judge me-i'm a BIG TIME tv watcher. i learn from tv....i also lose many a brain cell from the tube but, nonetheless...we are friends. buddies. bffs even...it's true.

i watch my fare share of educational things...HGTV-full of education, animal planet...ditto. food network-i def think is educational. the history channel...kidding-couldn't, wouldn't, am not, ever...being caught dead watching the history channel (no offense...).

i also watch my fare share of brain rot. teen mom...rot rot rot. RHOC, RHBH, RHATL, RHNY, RHNJ...more rot+drama+rot+morallydegradingbsishouldn'twastetimeon. the bachelor-fake, crap, horrid, played out crap..that i happen to <3, the hills, the city, leguna beach=staged bull honkey...

the middle ground is prob my fave. top chef=mg. biggest loser=occasionally educational...usually mg. say yes to the dress=mg. cougar town, the middle, modern family, happy tv times for KD on wed night=mg. GLEE specifically i do not keep up on. however-i love it. every time i watch it i'm drawn in and smile and generally speaking i think if it's a feel good kinda show-it's mg+ed+brain drain and i couldn't be happier.

thank you special sunday after the superbowl episode of glee....


  1. very good blog, congratulations
    regard from Reus Catalonia
    thank you

  2. I didn't know you watch Glee! I didn't like this, though. They changed the words to make it less slanged haha.