so good music mondays were great back in the day. i'm not creative with music. i know what i like and that may not appeal to a large audience. then again-there isn't a large audience for this blog (no matter how much i wish there woudl be!) and that being said, this is what i like so listen and shut up:)

onward with g.m.m. and this post, do you ever feel like music is healing your soul? lately i feel like i have a tired soul. a confused, lost and exhausted soul. it gets a little rest, a little relaxation and rejuvination and feels amazing-then becomes bogged down with life again. i'm working on it...no worries...however, the tunes that bleed from the amazing talent that is the head and the heart really "heal my soul" whatever that means.

i dunno there is something about small-town folks and their success, along with sounds that are so beautiful they make me sorta want to cry while at my desk...in my office...alone and during the weeeee hours of the morning that make my soul feel like holes are being patched. currently on youtube.com there's an entire 3-4 songs, live, unknown location or situation (not that it matters to me...or probably anyone) of THATH that are all just beautiful. check them out...please . i dunno it's just music that makes me happy, makes me generally speaking emotional i guess...it's great stuff. fun and light hearted and then serious all in one. on this morning, this rainy, tired monday-it's exactly what i need. and on repeat.


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