Happy List

i've recently started (haven't stopped) obsessing over closely following this lovely blog. these folks seem sweet and live a colorful, joy filled life.

in light of some of the fun and creative things this chica does, i'm going to copy her and do a Ten things that make me effortlessly happy list. y'all know how i love lists....:)

  1. finds like THIS on craigslist:)
  2. reflecting on the most wonderful day o' my life (thus far;)
  3. progress slowly being made on my home:)
  4. having a place to call home
  5. the freedom to make this blog post while at work
  6. my husband
  7. opi  you don't know jacques and one step closer to KD's signature nail color of 2011... 
  8. 3 straight days of semi-sun in Seattle
  9. when my headaches cease to exist
  10. napping after work with my pups

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