i usually love birthdays. althought, in general i usually spend mine quietly. when i try to spend it in a bang boom wow fashion, it never pans out. i take myself shopping, i have lunch or dinner with friends...blah blah blah...low key n' stuff. this year, the big 2-5, is different. i'm weirded out by the thought of turning twenty...five...twenty five, 25....it seems old, yet young, like i still have all the time in the world to accomplish my goals and hearts desires, yet have bypassed so much of my life. not paying attention to the present-resulting on looking back on the past wondering where i've been and what i've been thinking. in retrospect i've graduated college, found a steady but far-from-dream job, become a wife, purchased and almost fully remodeled a home, traveld all over the world, blah blah blah...but yet, i'm still left feeling like i should have done more, seen more, experienced more....as if these twenty five years have been stollen from me.

here i have devoted this post to a more serious topic. the topic that screams, 'thankful for my life' yet sadly shurgs and says, 'have i even made a difference, have i done all i should/could have?' it's bitter sweet this time in life...this turning-half-way-to-fifty time in life.

for my bithday weekend this year the husband and i are going away for the night. jus the two of us. no house projects to wake up to, no dogs to walk, no floors to clean or to-dos at all. just relax, eat, sleep, enjoy an over night away the two of us. it's what i wanted. i'm pleased. i already feel a 48 relaxation setting in. ahhhhhhh.

THEN on my actual birthday we get our counter tops...i think i'm more excited for this than anything:) this of course will be followed by manis, pedis and a trip to pesos for that flipping soup i've been craving for a week now! yum.

anyway....heres to 25...i guess:)

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