stuff. things. and stuff.

it's snowy on the east coast. newyork. chicago.
my husband plays bball on thrusdays. vino, grays anatomy and i are close at during these times.
there is craziness in egypt
i switched pillows with my husband and have had 5 nights of amazing sleep in a row
i got super quality time with my birdy friend nicole today-it was a blessing.
i ate leftovers for dinner...dinner-left over-from last night....i made it myself...in my 3/4 finished kitchen.
british voice overs on animals made my night.
mini got into the trash and it was EVERYwhere when i got home from work promptly at 317 today.
i'm diggin mint chocolate covered chocolate graham crackers tonight.
17 days until i'm 25.
i've decided to completely stop using caps...as i usually forget to do so anyway.
i can't wait to get in my snuggly bed.

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