things i have learned.

there are many things i have learned since becoming a mrs. here are a small, tiny, few of them
  1. i don't know how to cook for one person anymore. when andy is gone, i try to make myself a sensible dinner, and i make enough for 5...hum.
  2. i'm great at cleaning toilets, tubs, floors and doing laundry-b/c Lord knows if i'm not great at it, in my house, no one will be;)
  3. my stuff is not MY stuff....
  4. girl friend thought of the few months that have been 2011, "i thought that finding a person to share my life with would make things easier" enter hysterical laughter...false girlfriends. false.
  5. i'm far more of a control freak than i thought
  6. agreeing to getting another dog does in fact mean that YOU GET ANOTHER DOG...not just your husband
  7. i have never been a happier, more fun, more angry, more irritated, more joyful and more tired person...until i became a mrs.
  8. life is good. real good.

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