weekend recap

i <3 myself a weekend recap.
in knowing that andy and i aren't into big hoopla gifts, blah blah blah for birthdays, Christmas or v-day and figuring we wouldn't end up doing anything too special this year ESPECIALLY considering v-day was on a monday (and i work at 630am and the husband works 13 hour days....), i made friday night-date night a romantic stay a home night. we laied low, ate good food and went to bed at a decent hour (considering andy has to work every saturday:)
table <3. considering our things are still mostly in boxes and or shoved in random closets in our home-i think this is pretty cute:)

chicken parm:) andy was wanting some for some time...so i finally made!  whole wheat spaghetti with zucchini and marinara and garlic bread too=yum!

andy of course went for a coors lite over wine...silly boy. here andy's checkin out finn who seemed confused as he's never really been in our home with a working kitchen and thus, us sitting and eating at the table:)

saturday i went to sumner to hang with my lady friends and andy and the boys did what they usually do when they get together....played board games and drank...ridiculous. happily the boys actually came up to seattle (minus kelly b. who is a seattlite himself!) and hung around for a bit-eating pizza and drinkin' beers...oh boys.

i got home, made cake balls and relaxed with my dogs. it was lovely. i ate popcorn which is my big-time fave and it's the best popcorn ever. yum

sunday was spent at ikea (after i swept, mopped, cleaned the bathroom big-time, washed, dried and folded laundry naturally)....i used to <3 ikea....i still half <3 ikea.

we had to return a few things we ended up not needing for the kitchen. in addition, we had to purchase a ton of stuff we didn't know we acutally needed for the kitchen...funny how ikea thinks making you take numbers and wait around for an hour like you're at the DMV waiting to renew your license is cool....
hey ikea, you're not cool.
luckily, the husband and i got some quality 1-1 time while waiting to be called...waiting an hour....we talked about work, silly people, our goals for our ikea trip, me turning 25 and my awkward problem with it, and our newly ordered countertops...due to arrive on 2.21=best bday gift ever!

ps: ikea, you're only cool when the husband and i decide to have a sunday afternoon date...and it only costs $3.75:)

of course the husband got real serious with this here pizza....and not only his knife (he went thru two) but also his fork paid for it.

and no, he wouldn't let me take any decent pictures of just him...frown face.

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