weekend/birthday recap

as i said previously, 25 is a hard pill to swallow. why? lord knows. however-to this moment (day after said 25...) i'm still choking that pill down.

although i had a glorious b-day weekend with only one minor break down, it swiftly passed by, leaving me in it's dust. my actual birthday was spent stressing about strange men in my house installing counter tops-which i regret now...as i should have had a far more relaxing day. my mama did surprise me by driving to seattle and taking me out to get that yummy chick, lime avocado soup from PESOS. yummmm. sadly-she leaves today and that i'm not ok with!

on with the good stuff! cave b inn is a winery near george washington. remote enough so that all you see is the resort and miles of grape vines, have little to ZERO phone service, and to get to an atm one must drive 20 minutes. exactly what i wanted for my day o' birth. usually in trying to get everyone together, someone always peters out-leaving dread and disappointment (enter usual high expectations). that being said, all i wanted was to relax and enjoy time with my husband.

evening away went liek this: arrive at cave b, check in, unpack, relax, go wine tasting, buy wine, drink more wine in sun outside o' room, watch tv, wish we had more snacks, drink more wine, wait for our dinner reservations, get dressed go to bar, sit and wait for said reservations, eat din, go back to room, watch more tv, enjoy each other's company, relax, totally zonk out early, wake up, drink coffee in sun, shower, spa...aaaahhh massage, bath, shower again, check out, drive home, pick up dogs, relax and enjoy sunday just to have monday off yayayaya 3 day weekend.

andy walking to our room

view from room

yummy view!

walking down to our building:)

so sunny! we needed some vit. d!


more silliness

love. had great weekend. still tired. want weekly massages.

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  1. hi friend! that last picture is so beautiful and swoony!
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