appetizers for din

i love a themed dinner. i heart taco tuesdays. vegetarian mondays and i are buds. ya get the pic. well, saturday night (last night) was app sat! it was delish!
crostinis for the cheese plate (thin sliced artisan bread, olive oil, little sea salt and a broil!)

homemade candied walnuts. didn't have white sugar so i used brown (heated up brown sugar, little bit o' milk, dash o salt and cin and some vanilla extract poured over toasted walnuts...yummm)

we had some pre-made pot stickers which i crisped up in some evoo (did the same with some mini meatballs). then i started to assemble my caprese salad skewers.

the final product was to die for (blue cheese, prosciutto, goat cheese, candied walnuts, crostinis, and caprese salad skewers, the middle is a little bit o' honey:)

oh yeah-cheese plate!

husband couldn't be happier:)

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