dear husband

dear husband,

you are great. really, you are. you're quite amazingly patient and understanding-i'd actually like to know how you do it....as normally, i am neither.

sweet husband, you know i'm a little crazy. you're aware at this point, that i'm hyper-sensitive and tend to overreact. yet somehow, you show me grace and still love me. i think that's pretty cool. i try to keep myself in check and things like this-but it is hard for a crazy person to remove themselves from a situation and talk themselves down before chaos hits...it really is. i know that you know when i act a fool, it's just a moment that will pass and although i drive you crazy, you still love me all the same (sidenote: how do you do that?!).

lurve, you know i hate when anyone, chews loudly or make disgusting mouth noises, and i feel you try to avoid this at all costs. thank you.

you know i don't like my feet touched (except when in regards to a massage-like touch) and although you joke around and touch them anyway, you always stop when i screech. thank you.

you know that i like to nap often and stay in most nights of the week and weekend and you tolerate this (usually) even though you would rather be out in the world. thank you.

you know i'm type-a organized, and although i've let your drawers and closet go (which is incredibly difficult for me) you try your best to keep things neat and tidy, organized and kept. thank you.

you know i like to fall asleep to scrubs on the computer or tv. and you let me. thank you.

you know i love my trash TV, that the real housewives are my friends, and that jeff lewis and i are close as close gets, and you watch with me even though you'd rather watch sports center....thank you.

thank you for you, and all the cool stuff you've brought to my life. thank you for you and all the hard things you've brought to my life. i value you more than you could ever comprehend. i hope you feel the same, because i'd like to keep you around for a while, if you're down with that.

peace and stuff,
ur wife

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