the night prior to last night i made pesto fettuccine with a crispy breaded chicken. the pesto was a flop. i liked it but andy literally wouldn't eat it (keep in mind that this is SUPER unlike him) and when he tried...he literally had pain in his facial expression...it was upsetting.

i ate it for lunch the next day and although i have made pesto before and it was D-LISH...this was not:(.

thus, i had to make up for my flub and made a super tasty spicy pasta that i knew the husband would love. i'm a big fan of hodge-podge and using what you have in your fridge/freezer/at home. SO...

i start with salting water and starting a boil over high heat. while it was being brought to a boil...

i chip-chopped up some asparagus and broc. bite sized pieces are my friend. put veg in pan with warm oil, garlic and s&p. sautee and remove from pan. set aside

while veggies do their thang, i chip chop up some left over bacon. this is bacon i had left over from sunday birthday breakfast for my husband and lief-they literally wanted thick bacon and chocolate chip pancakes....wife must do what husband requests on birthday....boo.

water comes to a boil, fettuccine goes in-yumness

then i had some champagne...just because....this week has been long, OK?

in the same pan i sauteed the veg in, i cook the shrimp. these shrimps have been coated in oil, fresh ground pepper and coarse salt...and lots of it...why? b/c it's tasty and i wasn't caring about how much of anything "bad for you" i was putting into this...salt it up baby! cook these shripmies on each side for a minute or two only...JUST until pink...

because then into this same pan goes chopped jalapenos...from a jar...:) and chopped, THICK bacon...again-obvi this dish is for taste... but hey, i got my veg in there, right? let this cook until bacon is warmed through (enter spicy, salty meatiness....husband's fave)

by this time your pasta should be done cooking, if not no biggie let it cook! then drain and back into the pot with everything! shrimp, jalapenos, bacon, broc and asparagus. add your favorite tomato sauce (jar, homemade, whatever makes you happy) and let the pasta warm over low heat.

taste, s&p as needed then at the last minute, pour in a little of the jalapeno juice from the jar, give it a good mix and plate it.

 then eat and drink and be happy. why? because there is nothing else to do here.

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