happy list

i relized i haven't done a list this week (or any posts really...shameful) regarding those sweet then things that make me effortlessly happy:
  1. new keurig coffee machine...yum
  2. the sun and blue sky today....after days of cloudy, windy, scary rain
  3. my new camera (thank you m&d!)
  4. when i paint my nails and through the drying process there is not one dig, dent or mess
  5. safety from natural disaster
  6. a good set of tweezers
  7. qt with my husband
  8. when what i'm cooking, actually ends up just the way i intended
  9. space heaters
  10. kelsey working early today so i can actually see her a bit vs. the usual run by "hi!!" while we're both busier than busy!

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