oh you know, thath

it's been a long while since i developed an unhealthy obsession with something, someone, some band, actor or actress i don't know. i mean back in my leo days i went to the theather at least 9 times to see titanic. i'd print photos of him off line...it's disgusting i know but at least he is, in all actuality, a fine actor.

nonetheless i think y'all have whitnessed my developing unhealthy, school girl obsession with THATH. maybe it's because the band members are hip, hot and talented. maybe it's becuase i feel a connection to this band being local seattlies (or transplants at least). maybe it's because natalie, who i went to india with and pretty much lived with for 2.5 moths, knows one of the band members or because they had a "lamp casting call" for their first video here in seattle. no i didn't go...yes i thought very seriously about bringing my funky green lamp and begging for it to be in the video. maybe i love these people because by chance they have met one another, come together, worked hard and developed QUICKLY into something big...and that gives me hope for my future...no, i don't sing, act or even dance anymore but i can pretend my life will develop into something big.

long, wordy, blah blah story short MTV just posted the premeir of thier first video. i watched it twice at work which is inappropriate enough...never mind the fact that i cried a little out of excitement. they have a seattle show coming up in april that sold out in all of an hour...an hour in which i tried to get tickets but the website was so busy i couldn't get through. they just announced another show at one of my favorite seattle venus and if i dont' get tickets for the husband and i, i may cry (more crying, big tears...yeah...).

anyway....check out the head and the heart. if you don't love them as much as i do, just keep it to yourself...mmk? thanks:)


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