i'm not ready to have kids. it's not like y'all don't know this. i however am surrounded by many who are ready or who are prego. it's a beautiful thing, however-i'm 25, selfish, and have a ton of things i want to do before i sign my life away to supporting yet another....life. news flash folks-just b/c you get married does not mean you must have kids...it's only been ALMOST 2 years...sheesh:)

SO! here it goes people. 10 reasons why i do not want to have kiddos/am not ready:
  1. the obvi-i have 0358902385075 things to do/figure out in my life time before it no longer is MY lifetime.
  2. i have dogs, dogs which i love like children. when my dogs are sick-i am sick-with fear, stress, sadness....how can i handle feeling THAT way about real humans? i cannot fathom the idea.
  3. finn was fixed on friday. getting things done around the house, myself showered and fed, and keeping the other fur-babies away from him was a TASK to say the least-bravo parents of three. and bravo single parents! how u do it i do not know (an am not ready to know:).
  4. teen mom 1&2....enough said.
  5. naps. again, enough said.
  6. THIS unreal story that scares me, makes me cry, and makes me smile all at once
  7. my severe lack of patience
  8. i can hardly take care of myself....i mean really....having a home, 3 pets, a job and a person (husband) on top of just myself to take care of is too much as is!
  9. house.....
  10. the pressure of advising a live, guiding a person, caring for the development of an actual human far surpasses my current ability. needless to say-i'll know when i'm ready-the lord will guide me in a way that will help me to believe in my ability. period.
until then-pressures off baby (no punnnnn intended).

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