happy list

haven't done a happy list in some time...woops! today i'm making it a happy/thankful list:)

10 things that make me effortlessly happy/thankful
  1. via trib brunch for two deal on rulala this am: two breakfast pizzas, OJ and prosecco for $28!
  2. sleeping in on saturdays
  3. a sunny sunday (4.17.11)
  4. a positive, productive and peppy sunday with my husband-dog walks, nap, house work, clean laundry and grocery store.
  5. the lasagna i made last week..it's almost ALL GONE. that never happens:)
  6. going to see my family this weekend in yak<3
  7. 6pack of diet coke for $1.49-a habit i just can't kick!
  8. connecting/gaining support from good friends *MB, HC, KT
  9. finding a sweater i thought i freakishly misplaced LAST fall time....on our memory support floor...:) it's like shopping!
  10. all the help husband gave me on sunday with house cleaning tasks i usually do myself (taught him how to clean the shower and tub=big time score, vacuuming for me=bliss)

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