i haven't been sleeping well this week.

it's a new phase in my life, apparently. sleeping is one of my best abilities.

i am a power sleeper.

i am a gold metal winning, olympic level sleeper.

but not this week. my animals are keeping me awake.

my dreams are vivid. my dreams are disturbing. my dreams are keeping me awake.

i've been sleeping on my stomach. i awake, face down. this never happens.

i'm a side/back sleeper.

last night i dreamt i lost all of my teeth on the left hand side of my mouth.

naturally, i looked up what it "could mean" acording to a slew of google-searching-b-s.
  • this dream is telling you that it is time for a massive change in your attitude to life, or asking you to adapt yourself to new circumstances. (meaningofdreams)
  • symbolize the loss of childhood innocence. These dreams often occur at times of transition from one life stage to the next and can be a message that an important milestone is occurring and urging you to face the inevitable. (meaning-of-dreams)
  •  losing teeth may be associated with insecurity about your livelihood. Perhaps you are stuck in a "dead-end" job and fear for your future. Perhaps you are growing older and are becoming anxious about how much time you have left to work and make an income. (meaning-of-dreams)

  • dreaming of teeth falling out may represent insecurity. (dreamsleep)
  • highlight your worries about getting older. (dreamsleep)
  • symbolizes rejection. (experiencefestival)
  • feeling powerless, unconfident, inferior, unattractive and unable to hold on to someone important to you. (experiencefestival)
  • readiness for change.(experiencefestival)
then, on monday night, i dreamt i was pregnant-with a black man's baby. imagine how jarring that was.....
again, google-search-b-s.
  • baby’s appearance is odd, and if your interactions with it are bizarre or unusual, you need to consider your own well being (psychologically) and think about what personal experiences and psychological hang-ups have prevented you from growing. (meaningofdreams)
  • you could also be pregnant with ideas. (meaningofdreams)
  • if you are afraid of being pregnant, you may dream of it often. (meaningofdreams)
  • show the vulnerable part of yourself that has to be protected or perhaps you are nurturing some new ideas or feelings. (dreamsleep)
  • symbolise your own inner nature that is pure and uncorrupted. It may even say that you are innocent of an accusation. (dreamsleep)
  • if the baby was displeasing to you, look out for treachery in someone you are inclined to trust. (experiencefestival)
  • symbolize vulnerability, or your need for love. (experiencefestival)
i wonder what it'll be tonight.

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