things i've been doing lately

  • a ridiculous amount of "spring" eh hem "wish-it-were-spring-y" cleaning
  • routine naps....they've become necessary to keep me sane
  • drinking wine nightly-just one glass...still strange
  • dreaming about vacations
  • texting far less
  • spending too much time with and taking care of animals....hello fur-babies
  • wishing i had more time with my husband
  • listening to the likes of ray lamontagne, brett dennen, THATH, and needtobreath far too much
  • having super strange dreams
  • cooking up fun things i haven't much before such as:
    • BBQ turkey burgs
    • cashew chicken
    • clams casino linguine
    • brinner
    • homemade chicken noodle soup
    • chicken parmesan
    • polenta and yummy meaty red sauce
    • dog friendly cupcakes
    • carrot cupcakes
    • a chicken mushroom dish that is disgustingly yum
    • taco tuesdays
  • buying things off of hautelook, rulala, linvingsocial and goupon....and forgetting about them (woops!)=fun surprise treats later!
  • lastly, wishing the weekends were longer....and the work weeks MUCH shorter!

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