a few things:

a few things about kd:
  1. i'm scared poopless to be a parent. it was hard to get mini as i was freaked out that i, just me, would be in charge of forming a life...a DOG'S LIFE. then getting finn-i was so sad and scared of mini and i's speical life being changed and so frightened by loving another "child" if you will...imagine what it'll be like to have actual humand kids?!
  2. i like chocolate and candy...a lot...too much
  3. i love clouds
  4. i'm exceptionally hard on myself
  5. i hate marshmallows and bananas
  6. some things make me cry easily....ok, ok....most things make me cry easily
  7. i love taking pictures, even if i'm no good at being a photographer
  8. weddings are my passion
  9. i'm a foodie...it's true
  10. i only drink a small handful of liquids on a regular basis: wine/vodka, coffee, diet coke and water (rare appearances from beer, tea- hot or cold. no juice, no random bubbly anything....)
  11. i hate wearing shoes
  12. i only wash my hair 2-3x max a week

that's just about all i got for now folks

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