after work routine

so i started spending my afternoon devouring this blog and it got me to thinking....i'm OCD...and i love the routine which results keeping your space clean and your mind clear. i happen to think i tend to do a great job at this....for the most part. considering we've been remodeling our humble abode for the past year...i think it's in pretty good shape. i think, as i continue to learn about flylady and adapt some of her views and processes into my own life i'll have to continue this post onto further thoughts, ideas, posts...lalala.

THIS here post however is regarding my m-f schedule/routine. in reading about amy's life from new nostalgia, and how balanced it seems, i can see some of myself in her and desire other parts. many folks will read this or her blog or flylady and think, "RIDGED" "STINGY" "RULES" but i just see "ORGANIZATION" "PEACE" "RELAX" so it works for me, my type-a and my ocd...mmmmmkk? so onward to my m-f schedule...which is frightening and weird to see in writing but here it goes-it starts the moment i get home from work:
  1. keys in purse! they'll get lost otherwise
  2. shoes off
  3. snuggle mini
  4. hang up jacket/scarf or what have you
  5. let finn out of crate-hi finn!! he's crazy at this point so i ignore him
  6. use the ladies room
  7. finn comes in to talk to me...i let him make noise while i put away random bathroom items (straightener, husband's toiletry bag, etc)
  8. change out of work clothes
  9. make bed-andy is out of bed after me and chooses most of the time to leave this task for me to accomplish....
  10. let dogs out
  11. treat dogs-baby carrots always:)
  12. clean kitchen
    1. wipe counters
    2. put away hand washed dishes (left out to dry on counter top)
    3. unload/load dishwasher if necessary
    4. wipe out sink
    5. wipe down stove, fridge and dish washer, etc.
  13. wipe down dining table and dust chairs
  14. snack for baxter if around
  15. sweep and vacuum entire house-both bedrooms, living room, kitchen, bathroom etc.
  16. vacuum couch (most days, not all)
  17. dust living room and bedroom surfaces
  18. dust bathroom fixtures
  19. mop floors (most days, not all)
  20. wipe down bathroom
    1. sink, counter top
    2. mirror (4x/week)
    3. toilet outside
    4. toilet bowl (2x/week)
  21. start load of laundry
  22. prep for dinner if necessary
  23. tv/nap time
  24. andy home-dinner, walk dogs, tv and qt time
i think about how ridiculous all my cleaning is and how i really do not believe that most people do such things on a daily basis. i say to myself, "you don't have to do these things today, kirsten...just let them go." then i realize i have two dogs, a temporary cat, and a tiny house...silliness i say-and the cleaning continues. :)

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