i recently went appropriately on and on about how much i love the city of seattle. yes, today being the second day of summer is grayer than the word grayer, but whatever-i love this city more than i love many cities....or any other city...whatevs-anywho.

i've also spoken about my neighborhood and although it's not our ideal neighborhood-it's still a wonderous one. there is something so quaint about magnolia and it feels homey, suburban without being a suburb-praise the lord...something a little refreshing about the neighborhood makes me happy we chose to live here.

on that note...i cannot wait to check out one of THE VERY MANY local farmer's markets (also HERE. the actual neighborhood area of magnoila has it's own farmer's market-small much like the QAFM the magnolia FM has nothing on the interbay FM which i cannot wait for...that's right-this thursday i have a loverly date with a friend from work, sugar snap peas, edible flowers, fermented veggies, and maybe some fermented hard cider. lord guide us to exactly what you want us to devour!!!!!!!!

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