weekend recap. here we are again. it's my favorite time of year-crisp outside, dogs running amuck in the yard amongst the leaves and fall-time smell....ok, ok currently i'm at the husband's office and the dogs are sniffing around, barking at all passers by.... but today...we go to the pumpkin patch. yes, i'm writing this prior to our trip...but below are the pics to prove the occurrence.

seattle although beautiful all year around, is so amazing during the fall time. maybe it's because my boots and leggings are making a 4-7x weekly appearance or because all of my jackets and scarves are being seen daily...who knows. but there is something magical in the air around fall time. it signifies the holidays coming, which means family all together- a treat for me.

this weekend has been a great one, as they have tended to be for the past little bit. yes we have had many downs and those weekends have been exhausting, but the new job makes life in general a little happier.

on friday, we were reminded how old we really are after attending a birthday gathering for an old co-worker and friend. needless to say, we spent most of our saturday on our couch...with the dogs, re-runs and pain reliever. everyone needs a day like that...oh wait, no, no they don't. we were miserable. it was horrific, but the night prior was a blast...and we all needed it.

as i sit here, watching my dogs chase each other in circles, finn slowly getting more and more tired and mini, absolutely unstoppable, biting his heels, i'm able to, quietly through growling and barking, count my blessings. the crisp fall air. the boots on my feet- keeping me warm. being in my husband's office- a business owner, watching my two babies drive each other nuts. healthiness and very little general struggle in life. endless blessings- growing family, increasing friends, an amazing new job that keeps me so busy i haven't the time to post....things are finally looking up and i'm reminded that the time we have is precious...and i need to treat it that way. here's to pumpkins, friends, and festive decor:)

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