deals, deals, deals

i visited some of my favorites today, the tj, the ross and the target...after the holidays the deals just call my name! ross provided a large slew of beautiful tid-bits that i almost ran out of the store with.....

sweetest lanterns with flame less candles inside. i'm diggin' the flame less as of late...$6.

milk jug holder...tdf. super vintage looking $5

beautiful golden/silver metal "branch" tray table...two of them nonetheless!! $39

the above chair is beautiful, there were two of them $139.

practical and sturdy wicker chest/trunk. large and super natural beautiful...i love adding organic pieces like this into a space. especially for $49

this guy, by no surprise was also a ross number. a classic pottery barn/crate and barrel type feel...this was a slice of the price at $179. i still think it was overpriced. above is a similar look from c&b priced at $299.

(above) darling wood and metal side table ($59), very west elm (pictured on the right in a light, mango wood, $249 for the set)

i personally picked up a pair of black work shoes for the hubs (steve madden, his usual, for $35, found at macys fort double that) and a basket i've had my eyes on for months in various catalogs:
isn't she beautiful (in store on left and in my home on right). there was also a smaller one, this one is rather large, but i went for it, happy with my choice. at $25 how could i resist? below are the comparisons:

the basay basket from c&b is $70

the beachcomber basket at pottery barn, various sizes ranging form $69-$199 

also hitting up tj:

all clad, range of awesome prices

mirrored wall decor $29

this table $179, has that mirrored look that is SO hard not to love. i mean classic, formal and gorg! 

compared to the above table is from pier one, if i do say so myself, not as beautiful as the tj find. also, price tag of $379

these dressers and side tables range from $79-$229

the above dresser is a pottery barn piece, although beautiful, it's also $700

matching PB bedside table is $400

the PB tower dresser, $900

additionally, last week at tj yakima i picked up this sweet tray:
beautiful handles and a slew of hardware around the sides. it is extremely reminiscent of a tray i picked up with my friend kim quite a while ago at pottery barn for $40:

then there was target:
mushrooms! so cute, $2-$3

lamp shade (also in brown) $5.50

ALL of these lamps $60-$100 at target. some comparisons:

PB $279

PB $350

zgallerie $269

zgallerie $300

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