Some things are better later.

In my opinion, lasagna is one of those things.

I always like it better on the second or third day.

When showing up at a party—I’d rather arrive late than early.

Bed time is better later too…

But not everything is for later.

Some things are better now.

In particular, I’m thinking about generosity.

Generosity isn’t something to hold off on, wait for, or reserve for a later date.

Unfortunately, some view it that way. They think…

“When I am rich.”

“When I am more holy.”

Most of us believe that being selfish is unacceptable.

However, many still see generosity as something for another day—like when they arrive on the big stage or eventually become more virtuous.

The truth is, generosity doesn’t make a grand entrance later. Instead, it always starts small.

My parents taught me this principle before I was making enough money to pay income taxes.

They taught me to give from my paper route income…

And I’m thankful they did.

Giving a few dollars THEN set the stage for future hundreds—and eventually thousands, LATER.

You see, the capacity of your generosity LATER is established by your generosity NOW.

“If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones.” (Luke 16.10 NLT)

Your generosity LATER is being prophesied about by your generosity NOW.

When it comes to generosity, don’t wait for later.

Start where you are at, right now.

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