20 randoms about me

  1. i love the feeling of opening a new bottle of EVOO...i'm weird i know
  2. i put inappropriate things in my garbage disposal, MUCH to the husband's disapproval 
  3. i drink coffee and lots of it
  4. chocolate is one of my closest friends
  5.  i hate all things stale...so sensitive to stale, except gummy candy, it needs air time
  6. i love, love, love food....i love cooking food, i love eating food, i love talking food, i love looking at food and taking pictures of food, i should be 400lbs
  7. i hate capitalizing when typing
  8. dancing is my favorite. period.
  9. meat and me just aren't friends, except when it comes from the sea
  10. i do not believe in luck
  11. i love planning parties and events
  12. my favorite color is green
  13. i'm a terrible swimmer
  14. i love to sleep. i mean love. i mean really love. 
  15. deep deep inside i'm a freaky adventurer. i love doing things like jumping off dangerous cliffs, signing up for 9 week trips to a surprise location, adopting dogs without ever meeting them, and any number of random other things. surface level, i'm a worrier who is overly cautious and thinks things though TOO much....i wonder what it's like right in the middle?
  16. roasting marshmallows on my gas stove is one of my favorite summer pastimes
  17. i'm 110% introvert...yet no one believes me when i tell them this
  18. favorite beverage is h20
  19. top 3 things i want currently: house to be finished, trip to thailand, baby, new car....i take the baby comment back
  20. pretty sure i haven't used an actual brush in over a year...i'm a comb girl

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