i've been thinking a lot about my 2013 resolutions. usually i don't buy into the whole resolution deal...but i've been thinking a great deal about self improvement and taking care of myself/attitude/outlook/etc. i think self improvement at this point in my life is more for my colleagues and husband than it is for anything. those moments when i realize how much of an annoyance i am - how negative i can be....yeah...poor friends.

the other day i was telling my friend will how i decided to hardcore-work on my lack of patience in 2013. "ya know...you don't have to wait 4 months...." will's response made my snap my neck around and say, "well i want to!" hahaha....why do we wait? what is it that a new year is what it takes to get us going?

even though i just made that comment, i'm still waiting until jan. 1 to do anything...sigh.

  • i need to work out.
  • i need to work on my patience.
  • i need to stress less about the little things (i.e. last night the couch was pushed askew. i asked andy to get up so i could straighten it out and asked why i needed it done right then. i replied, saying that it gives me anxiety. lord help me now...couch crookedness gives me anxiety....?)
  • i need to read bethany frankel's book a place of yes  or whatever it's called. or maybe not even read it but just try to live in a place of yes more.
  • i need to get rid of cable. that is that.
  • i need to read more.
  • i need to blog more consistently.
  • i need to break my carb addiction. refined sugar runs my life.
  • i need to drink more water. like seriously. coffee cannot be the only thing i drink.
  • i need to reorganize my definition of a "need" and a "want"....

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  1. Well look at that! Your patience has already improved. You're patiently waiting until 2013 to work on these things ;)