autumn, according to my iphone

i'm making an open strike against the word "fall" and deciding to call the season by its real name...autumn it is. i love it. i love everything about it. ive attempted to be that ironic idiot who calls fall autumn and refuses to REALLY talk about it because everyone else is talking about it (get off my blog feed, FB, instagram and twitter...please) but i simply cannot help myself.

i've had my share of candy corn (no pumpkins, please!!)
i've had my share of "i cannot help myself but i HATE pumpkin flavor...why!!!"
i've had my share of baking apple chips, banana bread, apple, carrot, coconut bread, delicious candy barks and anything else that includes cinnamon and sugar (recipes to come)
i've had my "notice the first crunch of the autumn leaves beneath my feet" moment
i even went as far as to wear my scarves, take an instragram picture of an awesome autumn colored tree (see below), buy an autumny candle, blah blah blah

autumn has been super full and super amazing thus far and it's true. i love it. i love it like everyone else. i love it with every ounce of my stupid body that is just like everyone else's:)...check it out.

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