I'm home on day number three of being knocked down by the stomach flu. This thing is no joke. I know I've said it before, but I mean it his time; I haven't been this ill since my fight with salmonella. It's been a scary and painful weekend, which is the worst since we all know I live for my weekends.

Although I havent been physically ill since Friday evening (I'll spare you the details) I've been eating close to nothing and mostly staying horizontal on the couch and I've reached my lowest weight in years! I'm a generally fit individual but attempt to stay away from unhealthy and right now, boy do I feel unhealthy. Gross. Frail.

Must eat, ASAP.

As 2013 rapidly approached and there are big bright things on the horizon, my main goal is to get myself in gear and get serious about health and my personal fitness. Not a good start in my current state but whatever....minor details-it all relates! Andy and I have played this yoyo game of fitness for far too long and although our eating habits are MOSTLY clean, we're far from as physically active as we'd like to be.

Call it a resolution, I do not-I hate those damn things... Just another way to let myself down.... prefer the word "goal" and I find it far more fitting here. I don't want to be like everyone else after the clock strikes 12am and say I vow to get fit....no. I want to be healthy and make intentional life choices that aren't about body shape or a number on a scale (although mine currently needs to go up a bit). I want to be healthy for my current family and be the best me for my future family.

My other resolutions goals to get rollin' on, once I can stand up without dizziness, include figuring out my mess of a wardrobe, finish my house, seriously his time....we have a plan:), then tons of other fun little things ...that you probably don't care about...

So, blessing and HEALTH in 2013!

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