dhause exterior stage 1

although i was sold on it, and then un-sold (?) on it...we bit the bullet this past spring and got new siding. after covering a window and replacing another window in the back of the house, it was apparent that patching the current siding wasn't going to work. we had the back side of the dahuse house re-sided and then let it sit. it sat, and sat, until finally it was time. "NEW WINDOWS" andy declared and with that, came new siding. this was definitely work that was beyond us and by us i mean our time and energy, not our capability (don't be mistaken, people. we are unstoppable).

(dhause house, old windows, old siding, PURPLE paint)
(new windows! and more purple paint)

(demo is SO MUCH MORE FUN when you're watching vs. doing it yourself)

(purdiest little house on the block)

and just like that, it was done....also, for the life of me i cannot figure out WHY that last picture, where my tree is appears leafless (LIES) and my house dirty yellow (sadly, not lies) is upside down. nor can i figure out how to rotate it. so please use your imaginations and/or flip your laptops upside down. do note, other than the horrid color, there are new widows and they're purdy. 

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