a yogi can be defined as a person who practices yoga.

yoga, itself can be defined as a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures.

i mostly define it as a life saver. as a spirit healer. as a gift. as therapy. as a mode in which to become more deeply connected to all relationships and beliefs. a mode of doing things, moving, acting and living with intention and purpose. 

i can tell you my whole story, but i will not. all i will say is that yoga played a huge role in saving my life and brought me back to my relationship with god, my husband and myself. 

all of that, and i've learned some cool stuff! i've only been practicing since late april, but i hope to take a 200 hour teacher training in the spring to learn more about myself and my practice. but more on that later....here is some of my progress. most these photos are a couple of months old. 


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