mistakes. hope.

my life is full of mistakes. in 2014 i hope my life continues to be full of mistakes. i hope that in 2014 i can look at those mistakes, and embrace them as lessons, as color and layers of me. i hope that they build character and definition and that i can say i made these mistakes because i was trying. because i wasn't in my comfort zone. because not all things are perfect. because i was right where i should have been. because i'm right where i should be. because mistakes happen.

 i hope i can find a positive nature in everything. everything. in 2014 i hope i feel positive energy and radiate it out into the world. i hope it punctures the hearts of humans each and every damn day. i hope i can embrace my emotions rather than criticize them. i hope i can learn that they are a part of me. that i cannot control them, but i can control the actions that may be products of them.

i hope i learn to love me. i hope to embrace my being, my person, my soul, my body in acceptance and love rather than in frustration and judgement. i hope to love. i hope that i can look at today, rather than when and if and someday. i hope i can focus. and count. i hope i can constantly count my blessings and not count my minutes.

in 2014 i hope i find my thing, hold onto my thing. i hope i can call myself brave and that i can focus not so much on what i want to accomplish but who i want to be. i hope i can show people who and what i am. so much so that, if this is my last year, people can speak of me the same way i know myself to be, deep in my heart. the way i know myself.

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